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From: Jay roberts
Subject: 'Farm Boy Brings Relief, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay CollegeWell, the previous part of the story ended like a happy movie, the two
dudes go off into the sunset, one a happy sucker, and one a happy suckee,
but life doesn't work out that way. Don't you agree, from your own
experience? The scales tip, and one side gets longer than the other.There was no doubt, over the next few weeks, that Nat was intoxicated with
Beau. Nat never felt that he was being short changed by always giving
service to Beau; he loved every minute, and most times he came at the same
time as Beau, just like the first time. That was how "in to" the act he
was. Everything about Beau inflamed him sexually. The way Beau walked in
that rolling farm way, the look of his bare thighs, so full and round and
smooth. Beau's smell drove him to frenzy. It was a compound of fresh
grass, milk, with a tinge of wild onion. Then too, the way Nat's sucking
produced Beau's reaction. It was just so cute, so gratifying to Beau-ish.
The sweet sighs, escalating to sing-sing moans and finally cries of orgasm.
It was burned in his memory, and my nude preschool lolitas just thinking about it would make him
erected and wanting that tube of flesh held in his eager lips.So, infatuated as he was, it fell to Nat to imitate each encounter.
Sometimes, to his disappointment, Beau was too busy doing his fine hand
printing of assignments and Nat would have to go to bed his hunger
unsatisfied..He got so desperate that he offered to do Beau's reports. Beau agreed.
Nat took the notes and with his usual talent turned them into good reports.
He typed them up on his word processor and make three copies while Beau
slept innocently on his cot.This evening, Beau was reading a text, Nat came in, stripped for a shower.
Now Beau was not immune to Nat's attractiveness. The boy was lean, boasted
a cut six pack and his muscular, hairy legs were a sexy feature. When Nat
finished the shower, he wrapped a folded towel around his hips and returned
to the dorm room. He stood next to Beau's bed, already getting hard from
the Farm Boy's odor. Nat cocked his head, "You wanna?"Beau, wearing only his overalls, the tops down to his waist, sat up and
turned his crystal blue eyes up to Nat's pleading ones. "Friend, I do like
our "relief" times together. You surely are a good friend to me that way,
but I think that the last time I wuz getting' too 'customed to the routine
'n I had a time, I tell you, givin' up my milk."Nat's forehead was creased in consternation, worried that his baby bottle
was going to be denied. "What lolitas preteen pic models are you getting' at? You always shot up a
storm. I thought you like it. What can I do?"Beau's bland, sweet face took on an unaccustomed crafty look. "Well I tol'
you 'bout my brother Jake. Sure, you remember. Jake taught me another way
that two male people can hav' fun together. He let's me corn hole him.
You know 'bout that?"Nat almost jumped back. "Whoa, wait a minute. What we were doing was two
fellows helping each other out, at least one was, well you know. But that
other thing, that means I'd became your ho, your bitch. There'd be no
turning back. Much as I would do almost anything for you, it stops at
that."Though Beau was disappointed, he was really in the mood for a real fuck,
just like the horses do, he decided that he'd have to ease his handsome
roommate into this activity. He nodded in understanding, and, he rose up,
dropped his Bibb overalls to the floor and stood naked in front of Nat, who
began to pant at the sight. Beau put his arm around Nat's shoulder and
drew him toward him. With his lips an inch away, he said softly, "We kin
do a lil' kissin' instead. I do admire kissin' yer hot lips."Nat was already puffing his breath at the sight and closeness of the sexy
Farm Boy. His own lips were already pursed in reflex. Then he felt the
full, pink, smooth lips of his roommate touch his. His head began to swim.
Beau, sensing that he was beginning to control his friend, pressed his lips
tighter. He felt Nat sag sluty little russian lolitas
into him, in surrender, perhaps.Now Beau had a wonderful tongue. It was big, pink, smooth, and strong. He
took that weapon and pushed it into Nat's mouth, he used it like a prick,
fucking his friend into submission. Nat felt enveloped by that kiss and
ravished by that tongue. It was all he could do to keep from ejaculating.Beau pushed his advantage. He stroked Nat's cheek. "I think you need a
milkin' friend." He took off Nat's towel and pushed him onto the bed. Nat
ended up on his knees and elbows, his cock stiff against his fuzzy belly
and his large balls hanging down, like utters. Beau stroked his back. "Do
you want me to milk you, bossy?"Beau was blind with overwhelming need. He nodded his head, then groaned
long and loud as the farm boy's big hand began to stroke his ball sac and
hold his prick in its embrace.In this position, Nat's slim, fuzzy, strong ass was right in Beau's line of
sight. "You truly do have a fine looking rump, lolitas preteen pic models friend. Mind if'n I play
with it a mite?Nat nodded. He would agree to almost anything that the silky skinned
plowboy would suggest. He was deep in passion. But even in his present
state, he would not allow Beau thai image bbs lolita to treat him like a rutting cow.He jumped slightly as Beau began lightly pinching Nat's ass cheeks. These
little almost painful love pinches began to echo in his ass hole, as it
seemed to push out like kissing lips. Beau saw that, because the lean
muscular halves stood away from the ass crack and revealed the soft hair
growing there and the ring around the rosy asshole. Beau was drunk with
the sight. His cock was jumping up and down in flexing motion. He had to
gain entry.Remembering that a moment ago, the small pinches seemed to excite his
friend, he decided, with his native knowledge of animal behavior that Nat
liked a bit of pain. He pulled back his bare arm and opened his big hand
and have Nat a smart slap on one ass cheek. As the red imprint formed, Nat
began to blubber a bit. But he was also mouthing something. Beau leaned
close, over Nat's back. "What did you say? Say it again."The word was clear, "More."Sure enough, thought Beau, I left one cheek not attended to. It would be
only polite to even it out. He gave the other cheek, a heavy slap. He was
gratified to hear Nat's even louder keening. The boy was going into sexual
heaven, he thought. Then not wanting to lose his advantage, he leaned down
and squeezed his long, strong tongue into a small prick and entered the hot
hole.The pitch of Nat's cries grew higher, signally that he was enjoying the
attention. He almost reached high "C" as Beau began fucking him with that
insolent tongue. Finally he withdrew it.Nat looked over his shoulder, a pitiful look on his face. "Beau, you shit
kicking, ignorant hick. You won.""What do you mean, friend. I don't understand.""I mean you can fuck me, and do it right now before I die here in need.""Yessir Bossy, yer hole needs fillin' an' my pipe kin do it."He reared up and put the head of his fat, white, agricultural prick just
inside Nat's hole. Nat pushed back with a squeal of need and the farm
boy's prick entered halfway. Beau began to jiggle himself around to get
into a good position. While so doing, his prick ridge rubbed over Nat's
hot button again and again. Nat's back broke out in a heavy sex sweet.
Beau saw that. "Yessiree, tha's jes wha' brother Jake does when he's happy
and sexed up when I'm doing the ploughing."In his happiness, Beau pushed forward until his blond pubic hair tangled
with the New York boy's dark fuzzy ass. Nat lifted his head and crowed out
a surprised yelp, mixed pain and pleasure. "Oh yes, good, good, good.
Move it in and out. Let me feel your dumb ass cock lolita model links hairless
fucking me."Beau just laughed. He knew that insults during sex were the same as
compliments. He called out a loud "Hyo," Grabbed Nat's hair and began a
rough ride. What with Nat's hoarse cries of pleasure and Beau's triumphant
cries of sexual mastery, the room was filled with echoing sounds.Beau was a strong boy from years of heavy farm work. He had great lasting
abilities when it came to sex, but this city boy, this smug "A" student had
an ass that massaged his big cock like a milking machine. Then when
suddenly Nat called out huskily, "You are making me close to cuming with
your fucking." Then he seemed to stiffen, then his ass track began to
flutter around Beau's shaft. It felt like the time he tried putting his
cock into the milking machine tube. It pulled at him, rubbed him and
sucking dripping precum out of his piss slit. Finally he could hold on no
longer. Nat was heaving his ass up and down as he soaked the sheets below
with his spooge. Beau gave in. His cock seemed to grow longer and
stiffer. He utter warning sounds, then shut off his critical facilities
and gave in to the overwhelming orgasm that took control of his entire
body. He felt his toes curling, his legs stiffening and his thighs pumping
on automatic. Then the dam burst. He soaked Nat's insides with two quarts
of the best top farm cream. Nat almost nude webcams teen lolitas had another reflect cum as he felt
it.Beau pulled his prick out of the soaked hole. It was still dripping honey.
He shook it out over Nat's sweaty back. "Whew, that was a 'jaculation
among 'jaculations. One more lak that 'n I'm done fer. Did you lak it?"Nat turned around and grabbed Beau's strong smooth loli cp nude kids shoulders and kissed him
soundly on the lips. When they ended the kiss, Nat whispered, "How soon
can we do it again?"Of course Beau was only there for a semester and it ended too soon for Nat
who was a pig for getting fucked. There was no chance they could see each
other afterwards, they top 50 videos shylolita lived a thousand miles apart. But Nat found out
that there were no only suckers in the school, but talented fuckers. Soon
he had tried them all out and picked one kid as the best. Funny thing, he
was also a tow headed farm boy.End
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